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Comprehensive Asset and Lifecycle Management with MicroPeer:

Discover the advantages of Comprehensive Asset and Lifecycle Management with MicroPeer, your trusted value-added reseller. We simplify equipment asset management for organizations by analyzing hardware and software needs with a keen focus on compatibility, scalability, and availability. The MicroPeer team goes above and beyond, exploring creative alternatives in case a specific IT asset is unavailable within the expected timeframe. Trust us to navigate the complexities of asset management, ensuring seamless operations and providing innovative solutions to meet your organization's unique requirements.


Volume Purchasing Advantage with MicroPeer:

Benefit from the Volume Purchasing Advantage with MicroPeer, as we leverage our strong relationships with large manufacturers to deliver substantial savings in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for our clients.

Explore End-to-End Solutions and Financing Options with MicroPeer, where we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. Choose from customizable options and financing plans, including Hardware as a Service (HAAS), designed to accommodate clients with limited capital budgets over flexible terms. Trust MicroPeer for cost-effective procurement and end-to-end support, ensuring your organization's technology needs are met efficiently and affordably.

Volume Purchasing

Procurement and Logistics Services by MicroPeer:

MicroPeer goes beyond traditional procurement by meticulously analyzing supplier proposals, managing life-cycle costs, and ensuring timely procurement for your organization's needs. Our comprehensive logistics services encompass warehousing, efficient inventory management, order fulfillment, certified technician services, transportation coordination, order tracking, and returns processing. Trust MicroPeer to optimize the entire procurement process, from proposal analysis to logistics, providing a seamless and reliable solution for your organization's supply chain requirements.

Procurement and Logistics Services

Asset Tracking and Management (ITAM) with MicroPeer:

Experience seamless Asset Tracking and Management (ITAM) with MicroPeer, where our IT Asset Management services ensure proper accounting, deployment, maintenance, upgrades, and disposal of organizational assets. Trust us to optimize the lifecycle of your IT assets for maximum efficiency.

Explore the HAAS Model Benefits with MicroPeer, as Hardware as a Service (HAAS) provides cost management, state-of-the-art equipment, streamlined operations, and improved cash flow. MicroPeer excels in reducing capital expenditures, offering the best available technology, and streamlining operations under a single vendor/contract, providing a comprehensive solution to meet your organization's needs.

Asset Tracking and Management

Customer-Centric Approach:

MicroPeer's Comprehensive Asset and Lifecycle Management services prioritize a customer-centric approach. Our solutions are customized to meet the specific needs and goals of each client, ensuring a tailored and effective technology management strategy. With a dedicated focus on understanding and addressing individual requirements, MicroPeer stands out as a partner committed to delivering personalized solutions that enhance operational efficiency.

Customer-Centric Approach

Continuous Innovation:

MicroPeer is dedicated to continuous innovation, staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Our services are designed to integrate the latest industry trends and emerging technologies. By choosing MicroPeer, you align your organization with a partner that proactively incorporates cutting-edge solutions, ensuring your technology infrastructure remains robust, secure, and future-proof.

Continuous Innovation

Why Choose MicroPeer for HAAS:

Extensive Experience: Benefit from our extensive experience in working with leading Canadian companies. MicroPeer brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to ensure the success of your HAAS implementation. Centralized Planning and Management: Enjoy the convenience of centralized planning and management of technology initiatives with MicroPeer. We provide a single point of contact to streamline communication and coordination for your HAAS services. National Deployment and Support: Experience seamless national software deployment and support, remote server management, end-point support, and efficient procurement of hardware assets. MicroPeer ensures national service and support by experienced, fully-equipped technicians, guaranteeing a consistent and reliable HAAS solution across your organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Micropeer's IT Asset Management strategies identify underutilized assets, recommend cost-effective alternatives, and strategically plan asset lifecycles. This results in cost optimization by reducing total ownership costs and maximizing asset lifespans.
We implement advanced data security protocols to safeguard critical information throughout the asset lifecycle. Additionally, our precise asset tracking systems, utilizing RFID and barcode technology, ensure secure monitoring and protection of sensitive data.
Micropeer adheres to the highest environmental standards during asset disposal. We comply with regulations for responsible asset disposal, partner with certified recyclers to minimize e-waste impact, and promote sustainability in our disposal practices.
Yes, Micropeer provides assistance in procuring top-tier IT assets and manages warranties for added value. Our services extend to efficiently handling warranty claims and replacements for defective equipment, ensuring a seamless IT asset management experience.


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