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What is ITAD?

ITAD, or IT Asset Disposition, refers to the secure and responsible management of end-of-life IT equipment. This process involves the proper disposal, recycling, or refurbishment of outdated or unused hardware to ensure data security, environmental sustainability, and compliance with regulations. ITAD services, such as those offered by Micropeer, prioritize secure data erasure, environmentally conscious disposal practices, and the recovery of maximum value from decommissioned assets. By implementing comprehensive asset tracking and guaranteeing regulatory compliance, ITAD solutions aim to provide organizations with a strategic approach to managing their IT assets throughout their lifecycle. The Essence of ITAD and Micropeer's Commitment to Excellence.

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Discover Micropeer's IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) solutions, built on three decades of collaboration with top Canadian enterprises:

  • Data Privacy Assurance
  • Sustainable Practices
  • Value Recovery Expertise
  • Asset Tracking Transparency
Certified Data Destruction:

Micropeer provides certified data destruction services, delivering a level of security that meets and exceeds industry compliance standards. Our processes are designed to protect sensitive information throughout the data lifecycle, employing state-of-the-art destruction methods that are regularly audited and updated to combat evolving cyber threats. By choosing Micropeer, you can have complete confidence that your data is rendered unrecoverable, thereby securing your organization against the ever-present danger of data breaches.

Chain-of-Custody Assurance:

The integrity of your IT assets is paramount, and Micropeer's chain-of-custody assurance offers an unbroken and secure transition from your hands to final disposition. Our meticulous tracking system logs every movement and handling of your assets, ensuring a transparent trail from start to finish. This comprehensive oversight minimizes the risk of unauthorized access, loss, or theft, giving you peace of mind that your assets remain under vigilant protection throughout the disposition process.

Flexible Service Options:

Understanding that every organization has distinct needs, Micropeer offers flexible service options that are customizable to fit any scope of ITAD requirements. Whether you have a diverse array of asset types, large quantities, or specific security demands, our flexible solutions are designed to accommodate your unique situation. Our team works closely with you to understand your objectives and constraints, devising a tailored ITAD strategy that aligns with your company's operational and security goals.

ITAD Services Portfolio

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Explore our comprehensive range of IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services, covering a diverse array of equipment and systems.

Secure Data Erasure:


Micropeer specializes in comprehensive and certified data erasure, providing clients with the assurance that all sensitive data is completely and irretrievably removed from IT assets before they are disposed of. Our rigorous process adheres to international data destruction standards, utilizing industry-leading techniques to ensure that your information is protected against any potential data breaches. This meticulous approach to data security safeguards your company's confidentiality and mitigates the risk of data leakage.

Equipment Refurbishment:


At Micropeer, we offer a robust equipment refurbishment program that restores the functionality and extends the lifecycle of your IT assets. This process not only ensures a greater return on your initial investment by maximizing the value recovery but also supports sustainability efforts by reducing electronic waste. Our expert technicians meticulously refurbish each item, ensuring that it meets our high standards for quality and performance before reintegrating them into the market or your organization.

Responsible Recycling:


Micropeer is committed to environmental stewardship through responsible recycling practices. We focus on minimizing the impact of e-waste on the environment by employing eco-friendly disposal methods and working towards zero-landfill targets. Our recycling process is designed to reclaim valuable materials from end-of-life IT equipment, thereby contributing to a circular economy and helping our clients achieve their sustainability objectives.

Value Recovery Optimization:


Our value recovery optimization strategy is designed to maximize the financial returns from your IT assets. Micropeer evaluates each asset to determine the most profitable course of action, whether it be through resale, redeployment within your organization, or environmentally responsible recycling. We leverage market insights and our extensive network to ensure that you receive the best possible value, turning potential costs into revenue streams.

Compliance Reporting:


Micropeer delivers comprehensive compliance reporting, offering detailed documentation and transparent reporting practices to demonstrate strict adherence to regulatory requirements and industry standards. Our clients are provided with the assurance that their IT asset disposition is in full compliance with legal obligations, reducing risk and fortifying their reputation for corporate responsibility.


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Frequently Asked Questions
ITAD involves the secure and responsible disposal of end-of-life IT assets. It's crucial for protecting sensitive data, ensuring environmental sustainability, and complying with regulations.
Micropeer employs certified data erasure methods and follows industry best practices to guarantee the complete removal of sensitive information from decommissioned IT assets.
Micropeer's ITAD services cover a wide range of assets, including desktops, laptops, servers, networking equipment, mobile devices, storage devices, and more.
Micropeer optimizes value recovery through strategic processes like refurbishment, resale, and responsible recycling, ensuring clients derive the maximum financial return from their retired IT equipment.


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